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-I hate vegetables and anything healthy, so I'll probably get scurvy and die. lol I laugh now, but just wait... o-O *knocks on wood*
-When I enter a laughing fit, it's damn hard to stop. A friend and I shared a great laugh before parting ways just an hour ago, and I was giggling all the way back to my apartment. NOT wise if you don't want to look insane. o_O
-In the novel I'm writing, I managed to include a reference to Shakespeare, sexual puns, goofy aliases like I.P. Freely and Johnny B. Goode (huzzah for old school rock! ;D), coffins, guns, coffins WITH guns (j/k, but that might be epic...), extreme sexual tension (w00t!), kidnapping!of doom, BAWW BAWW BAWW angst, hot criminals and lawyers, and...stuff. And ALL in just 5 chapters. :D What a hot mess. xD
-I enjoy reading books out loud and using a sexual tone of voice. Trust me, you can make ANYTHING sound raunchy. It's fantastic.
-I love singing (someone asked me to sing at their wedding...eek! :X), dancing (mostly jazz), reading, and of course WRITING. <3 <3 <3 If I never get published, I'll just wither away and die in my massive pile of FAIL. lol
-I'm a nerd who's managed to have an obsession EVERY year I was 14, I believe. I find it amazing (and amazingly SAD) that I've never gone without some type of fangirling since then. o_O Although my recent obsession has certainly made me want to reconsider that. >_> Being in a fandom with so many people is NOT fun. I miss my intimate little groups. D:
-I created a crack pairing in my current fandom, so you have ME ME ME to blame! YAY! :D Although I wouldn't call it a crack pairing at all, since the characters in my pairing are actually IN the damn movie. T_T *grumbles about certain blonde-haired bimbos that should stay in the comics*
-I LOOOOOVE BTAS, TDK, Moonlighting, Dark Shadows, 24, 10 Things I Hate About You (movie AND TV show), and a whole bunch of other crap. I'm actually bigger on music than movies/TV, but I think that's because it influences my writing/drawings.
-I'm writing this while running on 0 hours of sleep... I'm kind of zombie-like right now. lol
-I'm done, cuz this is lame and stupid and taking up your update space. xP
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pr0n FOR THE SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weeeell, I've done it again. And by that I mean I've "vented my frustrations", and in result have produced a MASS PICTURE OF BLOODY/GORE-FILLED DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er...sorta. xP It's bloody, yes (I have a RIDICULOUS amount of fun with coloring blood on Photoshop O_____O), and I killed off a certain character I despise (*squee*), so....yeah. It's fun. :D For me. <3


P.S. Considering the subject matter, I find the song I chose to be HIGHLY ironic. xP

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Okaaay, so as some of you know, I was EXTREMELY disheartened by the final JokerBlogs episode, so I decided to re-write it to the way I think it SHOULD have ended. God, I'm so evil... xP

WARNING: Graphic violence (??? I've been told it's graphic; I made some people squeamish at a certain part, but I think they're just sissies. Haha jk I just enjoy teasing people. xP), language, etc etc

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Abigill Hug by moi

D: D: D: D:

I'm not sure how or WHY this always happens to me, but.....I've got myself a stalker. AGAIN. >_> So yeah, I plan on changing my username (not on comms, because I don't want to confuse anybody), so if you want to keep in touch with me, message me and I'll more than happily give you my new username. :3

This stalker's nearly 30, btw....creepy as fug muffins. I'm almost 22, and since 5 years is the limit for me, this is just beyond creepy. And he's kind of a cornball, because he told me he wants to rent a hotel, hold me close, and listen to the beating of my heart. Yeeeah, sure he does. What movie poster did he get that line from? lol Seriously. Men must think women are REALLY stupid. *sighs*
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but it amuses me xD), bitches pie (not sure who or what this i

Ooh! Ooooh! OOH! :O UNF UNF UNF

Don't forget, new episodes of 1,000 Ways to Die tonight at 10 on Spike TV, BIYATCH! I can't believe I'm SO into that show, but I am... And that I'm into a predominately male channel. Something must be wrong with me. But hey, it's better than Lifetime! xP I already saw a preview clip, and it was hilarious. *bounces* Can't wait, can't waaaait! :D
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